Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 - The Year of (sticking to a) Routine

It was last week, during coffee chat with my friend Leslie, when we started talking about 2013.  Leslie, a passionate actress, goal driven and motivated individual (can you tell why we get along??), proceeds to tell me "This is going to be my 'Year of the Follow Through.' That is my theme for 2013!" While Leslie continued talking about the things she was going to accomplish this year (for example, her BODYPUMP certification! Yay!), I couldn't help but start thinking about how great her idea sounded! And then.......I suddenly started to panic. CRAP! I DON'T HAVE A THEME FOR 2013!!

Today, one year ago, I started this blog. The only reason I started writing was to document my training and journey towards my first Bikini Competition in Las Vegas. I started the year out with the 3 Power E's - Energy, Enthusiasm and Excitement! Looking back, I did not have an official theme for 2012, but you could easily say it was "My Year of Fitness!" Not only did I compete in the Bikini Competition, but after moving home to Chicago - "Fitness" became my full time job!

Fast forward to two weeks before the end of the year.....and I DON'T have a theme?! So - after much deliberation, consideration and thought - I came upon my focus for 2013. For most of my life, I have been under the impression that doing MORE is better. Working - doing - giving - being MORE is going to make me successful.....right?! Not only did Leslie inspire me to choose a theme, but my friend Jen Comas Keck's most recent blog inspired me, too! She talks about doing LESS as one of her goals for 2013. Ummm, what?! Yes......less. In this crazy, nonstop world - living your dreams and reaching for that ultimate goal is often misunderstood for running around like a chicken with its head cut off.  The Year of Routine will involve following my schedule with less running around, helping to reduce stress in my life, and create a more satisfying feeling of success.

Here are my Five (5) Quick Tips for Reducing Stress and Feeling Successful in 2013:

1. Do Less/Be More: Do less by taking more naps and reading more (non-work related) books. Be more by giving yourself a theme for 2013, make some commitments to yourself, and follow through with them (thanks Leslie!).

2. Learn to Let Go: Sometimes we commit to too many things when we don't know the real purpose behind them. It's OK if you once said you were going to do something......and then change your mind. Sometimes letting go, turning down a project, or just saying NO will leave you feeling less stressed, more focused and, essentially, happier.

3. Set a Timer: When you stretch yourself too thin, it is common to find 10 million things vying for your attention - at the same time! Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Email(s) - do you ever find ALL of these open on your desktop? When you sit down to work on a project, is it common for you to toggle back and forth between tabs, and suddenly.....two hours have gone by and NOTHING is done?! By setting a timer (maybe on your phone or computer), this allows your brain to comfortably work on ONE project and know the other projects aren't going to run away! They will still be there, waiting patiently for you, when that timer goes off. By giving the project you are working on 100% of your focus, you may find it will take less time to complete and produce a higher quality result.

4. Brain Dump: Do you often find that sometimes you have SO many ideas, you can not pin yourself down to completing just one? Maybe not. But maybe, if you are anything like me, your brain is often running faster than you can write! Make a effort to dump all your ideas onto a sheet of paper (or maybe multiple sheets) once/quarter. This will easily allow your brain to relax because it no longer has to remember all those fabulous ideas you have about changing the world! :) This idea came from my Life Coach - thanks James!

5. Make Your Bed: I know, this one is kind of weird. I got this from my dad - he encourages all of his seminar participants to make their bed every day. Why? It's interesting, and I can't really explain it - I only suggest you try it.  If I come home at the end of the day to an unmade bed, I feel like my life is in shambles.  If I come home to a made-up bed, my life just seems to go a little easier.... :)

I have not forgotten about the Video Blog I promised about Creating a Dream Board! I haven't started mine yet, so as soon I do - video will be up!

Until next time. . . . . see you at the gym! And HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)

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